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Vanity Pet Guides

General Pet Guides

  • Guide to Pet Battles NEW!
    This guide thoroughly explains every facet of the pet battling feature introduced in Mists of Pandaria. A great guide for beginners.
  • Guide to Pet Breeds NEW!
    Learn all about pet breeds and breed IDs in this comprehensive guide. Includes links to determine the battle stats of every pet and much more.
  • Guide to Pet Collecting
    New to companion collecting? This is a great place to start. These tips and tricks will help you build an impressive collection in no time!
  • Guide to Children's Week
    A complete guide with everything you need to know about Children's Week. Incudes walkthroughs and maps for every quest!
  • Pet Achievement Guide
    A visual guide to many vanity pet-related achievements featured in World of Warcraft.
  • Archaeology for Pet Collectors
    A complete guide to WoW Archaeology with a special focus on creating all of the archaeology-related companion pets.

Collecting Specific Pets

  • Kirin Tor Familiar Guide
    A complete guide for earning the Higher Learning achievement which unlocks the Kirin Tor Familiar vanity pet.
  • Solo-Farming Mojo
    Semi-obsolete as of patch 4.1. A step-by-step guide to solo-farming the raid dungeon, Zul'Aman, for the lovable blue frog vanity pet, Mojo!
  • Bloodsail Parrot Booty
    While not a true companion, the Blood Parrot is still sought after by many collectors. This may be the most comprehensive guide you'll find for earning your Bloodsail Admiral's Hat.

More Guides

  • Forum Guides
    This section of our forums provides many more guides for pet collectors and pet battlers. Favorites include: Guide to Tamer Dailies, Visual Guide to Collecting Wild Pet Colors, and Darkmoon Prize Tickets Guide.

Useful Tools

  • Pets by Zone
    This quick-reference tool displays pets by continent, zone, and zone level. Perfect for new collectors and casual collectors alike!
  • Pet Events Calendar
    A quick-reference tool for collecting pets that are only available through in-game events. Learn what pets are coming soon and when.

Helpful Hints

As you explore the guides at, you'll notice tips, cautions, and FYIs offset from the rest of the guide's content.

TIP: "Tips" provide important information that will help you complete your in-game objectives.
CAUTION: "Cautions" alert you to crucial information that can help you avoid catastrophic mistakes.
FYI: "FYIs" provide extra information that may be useful, but probably won't make or break your game.
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