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Guide to WoW Pet Breeds and Breed IDs

Pet breeds in WoW are used to determine the primary stats of your battle pets. So if you want to maximize your pets' fighting potential, understanding how breeds and breed IDs work is crucial.


Understanding Pet Breeds

All battle pets come in various breeds. A pet's breed is what governs its primary stats: HealthHealth, PowerPower, and SpeedSpeed.

Turtles have higher health

Essentially, breed determines whether a pet is tough, powerful, speedy or a combination of these things. Many pets have a predisposition toward a specific set of stats based on their type. For example, turtles tend to have higher health while marmots tend toward higher speed. Other pets have breeds that vary accross the entire spectrum.

The number of breeds available to a specific pet also varies. Non-wild pets usually have only one breed. Meanwhile, most wild pets come in a wide variety of breeds. Each pet's breed, whether non-wild or wild, is determined by its numerical breed ID.

Breed IDs and Stat Allocation

There are a total of 10 breed variants, each with its own strengths and weaknesses that mathematically contribute to a pet's primary stats. For each of these 10 configurations, there are actually two breed IDs. These two IDs are exactly the same, EXCEPT one indicates a male pet and the other, a female pet.

  • MaleMale breeds = IDs 3-12
  • FemaleFemale breeds = IDs 13-22
FYI: A pet's gender does not have any bearing on its stats or appearance. However, Blizzard has stated they may implement a pet breeding system in the future, in which gender will play a crucial role.

The table and formulas below explain how a pet's stats are calculated according to its breed ID.

4 14 0 20 0 20
5 15 0 0 20 20
6 16 20 0 0 20
7 17 9 9 0 18
8 18 0 9 9 18
9 19 9 0 9 18
10 20 4 9 4 17
11 21 4 4 9 17
12 22 9 4 4 17
3 13 5 5 5 15

In this table, you can see how breeds with the maximum possible points in one primary stat have more total points than breeds whose points are spread accross multiple stats.

For example, breeds 4 and 14 have the highest possible power (20), giving them 20 total points. However, breeds 3 and 13 have their points spread accross all three stats (5 in each), giving them the least possible total points—only 15.

So if you're looking to maximize the health, damage or speed of your battle pets, you'll want to stick with breeds whose points are focused in just one or two stats.

Using Letters to Represent Breed ID

It's not easy to remember which breed IDs stand for which stat allocations. As a result, many websites and pet battle resources are using a two-letter system as a way of expressing each breed ID in a more recognizable format. The most notable of these resources is MMOSimca's Battle Pet BreedID addon, which displays the breed of your pets in-game.

The breed ID letter system uses the following letters to convey a pet's breed:

  • H = Health
  • P = Power
  • S = Speed
  • B = Balance

Each letter is paired with another to represnt its breed. For example, H/H means the pet has a double dose of Health (0/20/0: breeds 6 and 16). P/B indicates Power mixed with Balance (4/9/4: breeds 10 and 20). B/B represents across-the-board Balance (5/5/5: breeds 3 and 13). See the complete list below.

    BREED     LETTERS     H/P/S
  •  4/14   →   P/P   =   0/20/0
  •  5/15   →   S/S   =   0/0/20
  •  6/16   →   H/H   =   20/0/0
  •  7/17   →   H/P   =   9/9/0
  •  8/18   →   P/S   =   0/9/9
  •  9/19   →   H/S   =   9/0/9
  • 10/20   →   P/B   =   4/9/4
  • 11/21   →   S/B   =   4/4/9
  • 12/22   →   H/B   =   9/4/4
  •  3/13   →   B/B   =   5/5/5

We've also adopted the letter system to show the breeds when hovering over a pet while browsing a user's pet collection.

Calculating Stats Based on Breed

So how does a pet's breed actually affect its stats?

The following formulas are used to calculate the primary stats for each breed:

  • Health = ((BaseHealth + (HealthPts / 10)) * 5 * Level * Quality) + 100
  • Power = (BasePower + (PowerPts / 10)) * Level * Quality
  • Speed = (BaseSpeed + (SpeedPts / 10)) * Level * Quality

In the above, "Base[Stat]" is the level 1 stat, "[Stat]Pts" are the points allotted for that stat based on breed (see the table above), "Level" is the pet's level, and "Quality" is a numeric multiplier from 1.0 to 1.5:

  • [Poor] = 1.0
  • [Common] = 1.1
  • [Uncommon] = 1.2
  • [Rare] = 1.3
  • [Epic] = 1.4
  • [Legendary] = 1.5

Want to avoid having to do all that math?

Well, you're in luck!smile We've got a stat calculator that will crunch all of these numbers automatically for every battle pet.

Using the Stat Calculator

Each battle-ready pet on our site has a "Battle Info" tab in its pet profile. At the top of this tab, you'll find the pet's stat calculator.

Mock UI - WarcraftPets' Stat Calculator

You can adjust the pet's level and rarity, and then cycle through all of its available breeds. (Note that some pets only come in one breed.) Cycling through each breed will tweak the overall stats of the pet.

Breed and Breed ID Resources

In addition to this guide, here are some additional resources that may be useful in assessing pet breeds and breed IDs.

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