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8 Round Cooldown

Reanimate, healing for 492 health every round for three |4round:rounds;.


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Used By:
Animated Cruor

Pet Battle: [25] Maldraxxus

Echoing Oozeling [Echoing Oozeling]

Drop: Box of Assorted Parts

Zone: Mechagon

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Fodder [Fodder]

Drop: War Chest of the Undying Army

Zone: The Maw

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Rattlejaw [Shadowy Pile of Bones]

Drop: Nefarian [??+]

Zone: Blackwing Descent

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Restored Revenant [Pile of Bones]

Profession: Battle for Azeroth Archaeology - Drust

Artifact: [Pile of Bones]

Rotting Ghoul [Rotting Ghoul]

Scenario: Island Expeditions

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Toenail [Toenail]

Vendor: Nalcorn Talsen

Zone: Maldraxxus

Faction: The Undying Army - Revered

Cost: 1765gold (unlimited supply)

1-7 of 7
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