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Feral Strike

Abilities by Family Beast Feral Strike
Feral Strike

100% Hit Chance 


Recklessly rushes into the enemy, dealing 492 Beast damage and dealing 236.4 Beast damage to themselves.

Vs. Critter

Vs. Flying


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Used By:
Domestic Aunian [Domestic Aunian]

Vendor: Duchess Mynx

Zone: Korthia

Faction: Death's Advance - Honored

Cost: 50Polished Pet Charm 1500Stygia (unlimited supply)

Fledgling Teroclaw

Pet Battle: [25] Bastion

Korthian Specimen [Korthian Specimen]

Drop: Zelnithop [60]

Zone: Korthia

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Mosscoated Gromit [Mosscoated Hopper]

Drop: Death's Advance Supplies

Zone: Korthia

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Young Garnetgullet

Pet Battle: [25] Korthia

1-6 of 6
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