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The War Within Epic Edition: Three New Pet Rewards

June 10, 2024
Beta testing for The War Within has begun, and an awesome discovery was made regarding the bonus battle pet(s) that come with the Epic Edition of the expansion.

Previous datamining during Alpha testing revealed three additional storm gryphon hatchling colors. They were flagged with an "Epic Edition" source, but it was unclear if this was simply placeholder text or something else since Squally (pictured right) was already distributed as the Epic Edition pet.

Thanks to players on Beta we now know that purchasing the Epic Edition of The War Within will reward all four storm gryphon hatchling pets!

Flash, Gale, and Thundo

Players that summon Squally during a future patch (likely during 11.0 content) will receive a quest that unlocks the three additional hatchling colors. Collect Flash, Gale, and Thundo (pictured above) by completing this short quest chain. Check out patf0rd's screenshot for a quick glimpse of the upcoming quest.

This is certainly an unexpected yet welcome surprise. Who would have guessed that The War Within Epic Edition would reward not just one but four bonus pets? Now if only we could summon all of them at the same time...oh well, we can dream!

We'll add these three new baby gryphons to our database once they become collectible.
Posted by Quintessence

June Trading Post Pet

June 04, 2024
There's a new battle pet from June's Trading Post: Marrlok. [source]

Marrlok (pictured right) costs 500 Trader’s Tender, and shares a similar appearance to Garrlok (another battle pet that was previously offered from the Trading Post).

Don't forget to pick this pet up before the month is over, happy collecting!
Posted by Quintessence

New Pets In Remix: Mists of Pandaria Coming Soon

May 16, 2024
Eye of the Legion
UPDATE: To celebrate MoP Remix, there's a special Twitch Drop. Less than one week left to earn the Eye of the Legion (pictured right) by watching at least 4 hours of WoW streams on Twitch with a linked account. This promotion ends May 30, 10:00 a.m. PDT (18:00 BST). [source]

REPOST: The MoP Remix event is now live! Happy collecting!

A limited time event, Remix: Mists of Pandaria, is coming soon, and of course there are new rewards (including battle pets) to collect. [source]

Rewind and Remix
Starting May 16, 2024, players will be able to create new characters, "Timerunners", and replay the events of Mists of Pandaria.

However, unlike the original expansion characters will start at level 10 during the Remix. Leveling and content will be accelerated, and there will be a new currency (Bronze) used for various cosmetics. Cosmetics purchased or earned during this event will carry over to Retail WoW, as will the characters. Learn more about this unique experience in Blizzard's WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria article.

Astral Emperor's Serpentling and Muskpaw Calf

What would a new event be without new battle pets to collect? We currently know of at least two pets (pictured above) available from Remix: Mists of Pandaria:

Both pets can be earned by completing achievements during the event. Complete at least one Remix: Pandaria achievement listed under Timeless Isle to collect Astral Emperor's Serpentling, and at least two Remix: Pandaria achievements listed under Townlong Steppes to collect Muskpaw Calf.

Remix: Mists of Pandaria will likely end mid-August (estimated end date is August 19, 2024), so don't wait too long to work on earning these new pets and collecting cosmetics from the event.

Future Trading Post Pets
A few new pets (pictured below) were datamined from 10.2.7, most of which are currently labeled as Trading Post pets.

Blub, Marrlok, Trishi, and Worgli the Apprehensive

  • Blub (updated source from 10.1.5)
  • Marrlok
  • Trishi
  • Worgli the Apprehensive

Lil' Manny, a teal-colored cousin of Lil' Maggz, was also found in the patch, however it's unknown where this tiny pit lord will come from.

We'll add these pets to our database once more information is available. Which new pet are you looking forward to collecting the most?
Posted by Quintessence

Collect Them All: April Trading Post & Shop Pet Bundle

March 30, 2024
UPDATE: Noblegarden is going on this week! Don't forget a new battle pet, Lovely Duckling, is available from the holiday vendors. Happy collecting!

April Trading Post
Blizzard has provided a preview for April's Trading Post. Although a pet is not an item in this month's rotation, there is a pet reward for April's Traveler's Log! [source]

A new adorable duckling, Aura (pictured right), is rewarded for finishing April's Traveler's Log. Progress toward this battle pet can be viewed in the Adventure Guide in-game.

Add some magic to April — This little feathered wizard is ready and waiting to join you on your adventures!

Blizzard's Spring Sale
Spring Supreme Pet Pack
Blizzard is having a special Spring Sale that features a massive pet bundle. [source]

Adopt all 17 currently available Blizzard Shop pets (does not include Crushhoof) at a discounted price in the Spring Supreme Pet Pack!

Crushhoof (pictured right) is also on sale, however this baby armored kodo can only be purchased as part of a separate bundle, The Mighty Kodo Pack.

If you enjoy battle pets, you definitely don't want to miss out on these special offers. The Spring Sale is only for a limited time, and ends April 8th, 2024.
Posted by Quintessence

Patch 10.2.6: Plunderstorm Brings New Pets

March 20, 2024
Patch 10.2.6 Plunderstorm
Patch 10.2.6 is live this week, and there are new pets to collect! [source]

Plundering For Pets
The majority of new pets found in 10.2.6 come from a special limited-time event, Plunderstorm. [source]

Take part in a battle royale gamemode to earn reputation with the Keg Leg's Crew faction, and unlock new pets once you've reached certain Renown levels.

  • Happy - Renown 6 (non-combat companion)
  • Bubbles - Renown 11
  • Pinchy - Renown 11 (Classic-only companion)
  • Glamrok (pictured right) - Renown 30

You can learn more about Plunderstorm and how to participate from Wowhead's Plunderstorm guide.

Upcoming Pets
Twitch Drop: Fathom pet
If you think Glamrok is cute, you won't want to miss the next Twitch Drop! [source]

Watch at least 4 hours of WoW streams on Twitch between March 22nd and April 5th, 2024 to earn Fathom (pictured above), a colorful (and well-to-do!) hermit crab.

Last but not least, a new battle pet, Pokee (pictured right), was datamined and may be coming to the Trading Post in the future.

Currently, Pokee will cost 350 Trader's Tender, but that could change prior to release. We'll add this pet to our database once it's made available to collect!
Posted by Quintessence

Hearthstone 10th Anniversary Pet: Sarge

March 11, 2024
UPDATE: Blizzard has introduced hotfixes for the WoW Hearthstone Anniversary event. [source]

The event has been extended, and is now scheduled to end Friday, March 22nd. Portals will also spawn every half hour instead of every hour.

Celebrate 10 years of Hearthstone with a new WoW battle pet — Sarge! (pictured right) [source]

From March 11th to March 18th March 22nd, 2024 players can participate in a a special in-game crossover event. Collect various cosmetics, toys, and best of all a new pet!

Portals will appear in set locations in Valdrakken, Stormwind, and Orgrimmar roughly every hour on the hour. Hearthstone-themed bosses will spawn that have a chance to drop Sarge among other fun items.

Sarge is Bind On Pickup and not cageable, so you don't want to miss out on this event. Happy 10 years, Hearthstone!
Posted by Quintessence
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