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WoW Pet Macros

Summon a Random Pet

The most sought after macro for pet collectors is one that will summon a random companion from your collection with a single click. The code below does exactly that.


Summon a Favorite Pet

To randomly summon one of your "favorite" pets (one marked as a favorite in your Pet Journal), use the following code.

/randomfavoritepet  ...or...  /rfp

Summon/Dismiss a Favorite Pet

To randomly summon or dismiss one of your "favorite" pets (one marked as a favorite in your Pet Journal) with a single button, use the following code.

/rfp [nobutton:2]
/dismisspet [button:2]

Summon a Random or Favorite Pet

To randomly summon one of your pets or one of your "favorite" pets, use the following code.

/run C_PetJournal.SummonRandomPet(random(0, 1) == 1)

Random Pet with Emote

This macro will summon a random pet and then emote: "[Player] gasps as [Random Pet] hops out of [His/Her/Their] pocket!"

/run q=C_PetJournal;v={q.GetNumPets()}r=random(v[2])g={"their","his","her"}x=UnitSex("player")p={q.GetPetInfoByIndex(r)}q.SummonPetByGUID(p[1])SendChatMessage("gasps as "..p[8] .." hops out of "..g[x] .." pocket!","emote")

Summon a Specific Pet

You can summon a specific pet with the following macro. Replace "[pet name]" with either a unique name that you've given the pet, or the default name.

/summonpet [pet name]

Find Your Duplicates

This macro will print out a list of all of your duplicate pets in your chat window. Use this list to trade or release your extras.

/script local a,d={},{} local _,o=C_PetJournal.GetNumPets(false)for i=1,o do local _,_,_,_,_,_,_,n=C_PetJournal.GetPetInfoByIndex(i,false)if tContains(a,n)and not tContains(d,n)then tinsert(d,n)else tinsert(a,n)end end for a,b in pairs(d)do print(b)end

Revive / Bandage Battle Pets

Using this macro will cast your Revive Battle Pets spell. But if that spell is on cooldown, you'll use a Battle Pet Bandage instead (provided you have one). You can also check your stock by holding down a modifier key (such as control or shift).

/castsequence [nomod] reset=480 Revive Battle Pets, Battle Pet Bandage
/use [mod] Battle Pet Bandage

Forfeit / Heal at Stables

This time-saving macro either forfeits a pet battle (provided you are in one) or it heals your battle pets whenever you have a Stable Master window open.

/run C_PetBattles.ForfeitGame()
/script SelectGossipOption(2)
/click StaticPopup1Button1

Join Queue for Random PvP Battle

Using this handy macro automatically enters you into a queue for a random PvP pet battle with your currently selected team.

/script C_PetBattles.StartPVPMatchmaking();

Open Your Pet Journal

A simple macro to automatically open your Pet Journal when activated.

/run ToggleCollectionsJournal(2)

Wheel of Pets

This macro makes the player cheer and then spin the Wheel of Pets: "[Player] spins the Wheel of Pets! The wheel stops on [[Random Number]/[Total Pets Owned]]: [Pet Name]!" "[Player] cheers!"

/run q=C_PetJournal;v={q.GetNumPets()}r=random(v[2])p={q.GetPetInfoByIndex(r)}q.SummonPetByGUID(p[1])SendChatMessage("spins the Wheel O' Pets! The wheel stops on ["..r.."/"..v[2].."]: "..p[8].."!","emote");DoEmote("cheer","none");

Addons for Pet Collectors

For additional pet UI support, check out our list of recommended addons for pet battling and collecting.

Suggest a Macro: Got a macro that's perfect for pet battlers and collectors? Contact us with the code and we'll consider adding it here.
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