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Username: Wenll Site MVP  
Character: Wenll (A)
Realm & Rank: Sargeras-us (#31)
Connected Rank: Sargeras-us (#31)
Pets Collected: 1073/1617
Pets Rated: 0/1617 — Appearance
0/1593 — Battle
Joined: August 22, 2008
Last Online: October 18, 2021
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Wenll Says: 

Slowly starting the pet achivs, collecting, and lvling again. Watch out rankings. I will be slow at ranking up but I will be steady. >:D Im coming for you rank 1! ;D


Update: I just collected my last pet till Mop collectors edition comes out!

Allp ets in game collected

All pets lvl 25

All pets rare

Posted Oct 30, 2014 at 2:52am

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About Wenll:

20080 achvement points


Currently farming pvp achivements and raid/dungeon achivements



I am an avid pet collector. After logging in and seeing a NE running around with a panda cub I was hooked. Unfortunatly it wasnt for several years till I was able to get the original collector edition pets on that toon. I had to purchase the original wow ce, bc ce, and wotlk ce and make a new account then account transfer over to it and mail the 3 "account bound" pets to me from random alts i created.



I pay any price and do anything to get pets. Most expensive pets:



original wow ce pets-2500$




Mini Tyreal-600$



I also collect armor and mounts.


T1 8/8


T2 8/8


t3 3/9


t4 5/5


t5 5/5


t6 8/8


t7.5 3/5 (the 2 missing pieces I have as t7 normal)


t8.5 4/5 (missing h sholders but have them as T8 normal)


t9.5 5/5


t10 5/5


t11 4/5


t12 5/5



rare mounts:


Baron Rivendar (farmed 2706 times from beginning of 2008 till dec 31 11:53pm 2008)


azure drake


blue scarb mount


Ashes of Alar



Farming for:


icc 25 drake




mount off yogg 25 0 lights


new cata dungeon/raid mounts*


Cursed vision of sargarus (if no rogues want when it drops)


Several sunwell LW patterns



I own 3 accounts which helps me farm stuff while seeing if anything is happening thru trade channel as well as waiting for a rare mob/mount spawn or such. My main a hunter I created an alter ego death knight of her who I am currently farming 2 more armor pieces and a sword from sunwell to give her a complete exact sunwell hunter gear look. With my main naed wenll and dk named wenl and both in illum with same mounts and titles and even the rare pets like mini diablo and mini tyreal on both it makes for a fun time having twin toons in sw! =D And it isnt hard for ppl to recognize me :)

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