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Username: Dethstruxion Top Rater  
Character: Dobkeratops (H)
Realm & Rank: Bronzebeard-eu (#5)
Connected Rank: Bronzebeard-eu (#22)
Pets Collected: 907/1640
Pets Rated: 1042/1640 — Appearance
99/1616 — Battle
Joined: May 10, 2017
Last Online: January 06, 2023
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Dethstruxion Says: 

Took another 4 year break, got even more catching up to do since previous break, haha.


So, yeah, at the moment i'm slowly working my way up the expansions, exploring new pets, bought a couple cool ones on AH, Micromancer is my favorite new pet for now, despite that dead pets now also gain XP, it is still a nice carrier, especially if you have 2 of them.

In terms of looks, there's a lot of new cool ones, Eye of Corruption is probably my favorite new eye, just a pity that it's so noisy!


Will update again soon.


Who doesnt like hard hits, high speed and a self heal?


Team "Dino Riders":

Clockwork Gnome (2/1/1) + 2x Zandalari Kneebiter (2/2/2)

Posted Jul 10, 2022 at 6:12am

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About Dethstruxion:

My favorite pets in battle:

- *Clockwork Gnome (John Tuturret)

- *Micromancer (Skeletron/Necrotron/Mortron)

- *Chompy (Gnawledge)

- *Anibusath Idol (Ankhira/Qiraji Ancient/Scarred)

- *Lil' Bling (Walkie Talkie/Metal Merchant/Cash Smash)

- *Magical Crawdad (Old Chap)

- *Fel Flame H/P+H/H (Miasma/An Eternal Pain/Necroflare)

- *Willy (Nilly)

- *Unborn Val'kyr (Darkmiss/Misseri/Fallen Angel)

- *Spirebound Crab P/P (Pinchdeep)

- Chrominius (Twins/Arcinash)

- Crazy Carrot (Doc)

- Lil' Ragnaros (Ragnaros)

- Gleamhoof Fawn P/P (Yasmine Bleat)

- Zandalari Kneebiter P/S (Fang Noir/Bloodclaw/Massacre Raptor)

- Zandalari Anklerender P/P (Riptusk)

- Celestial Dragon (Celeste)

- Ikky

- Teroclaw Hatchling (Birdman)

- Creepy Crate (Surprise)

- Macabre Marionette (Juan De La Morte)

- Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (Nuisance/Windhumper)

- Magma Rageling (Magma)

- Puddle Terror (Seaman/Eau De Toilette)

- Rook (Skulltarr)

- Stinker (Stinkor)

- Weebomination (Akebono)

- Withers (Ironthorn)

- Ruby Sapling H/H (Tree)

- Everburning Treant (Burning Shrub)

- Scooter the Snail (Hexed Wife)

- Shimmershell Snail H/P (Zombie Snail)

- Anomalous


* = is also a favorite in general.


Favorite pets in general:

- Eye of Corruption (Purple Pain) -the noise though..-

- Eye of the Legion (Living Curiosity)

- Naxxy (Necropolis/Metropolis)

- Silithid Mini-Tank (Tarkus)

- Son of Animus (Sentient Plasma)

- Giraffe Calf (Escape Vehicle) -hilarious size-

- Darkmoon Eye (Soulgaze)

- Teeny Titan Orb (Construct)  -wish it flew-

- Netherspace Abyssal (Abyssmal/Mafic/Felsic)

- Abyssius (Abyss)

- Minfernal (Doom/Gloom/Meteor Migrator)

- Mini Mindslayer (Diplomat Qiram)

- Syd the Squid (Octoptic/Floatilus)

- Toxic Wasteling (Deploris) -sad nerf-

- Voidwiggler (Lil Krakmoth) -Krakmoth is the name of my Warlock's Void-

- Mana Wyrmling (Manarain)

- Grasping Manifestation (Glimmer Sparkle)

- Sludge Feeler (Big Slime)

- Unstable Tendril (Lava Diva)

- Sunblade Micro-Defender (Toadborg/Xevok)

- Sunreaver Micro-Sentry (Arcus)

- Detective Ray (Ace Ventura)

- Coldlight Surfrunner (Spinator)

- Winter's Little Helper (Bibby McGit)

- Blazehoud (Blitzfiend)

- Zephyrian Prince (Gustav)

- Blossoming Ancient (Young Ancient)

- Anima Wyrmling (Akira)

- Blue Moth (Moonbeam)

- Highlands Turkey (Dinner For Two)

- Kor'thik Swarmling (Crikey)

- Dust Bunny (Dusty Hopman)

- Feline Familiar (Bibichenko)

- Daisy


Favorite Pet Families:

- Magic

- Mechanical

- Undead

- Elemental and Humanoid

- The rest

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