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Username: Daned Site MVP  
Character: Daned (A)
Realm & Rank: Feathermoon-us (#2)
Connected Rank: Feathermoon-us (#5)
Pets Collected: 1580/1610
Pets Rated: 0/1620 — Appearance
0/1596 — Battle
Joined: July 28, 2008
Last Online: 4 days ago
Community: Comments (19)
Forum Posts (11)
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Daned Says: 

"With the Shadowlands in our wake and the Dragonlands in our... front... we head on to new critter-filled shores!  Hahar!  A vast array of new lands and little friends awaits!  Already I'm festooned with feathered and fuzzed friendlies, flying and frolicking in my face.  Say goodbye to gross afterlife pets like the "Rectal Ulcer" (acquired by eating 100 Stone Soups, hoping for a Glimmer of Satiety), or the Pustulating Toe-cheese Fart-Maggot (Seriously, I'm glad to be out of the Shadowlands).  Yet despite the huge new lands we're exploring I can't help but go back to my garrison, to see the conga-line of my new friends."

Posted Dec 14, 2022 at 11:31am

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About Daned:

"Hello!  I see you may have noticed my prized Rocket Chicken!  It is no mere feathered fowl, but a mighty beast of war, forged in endless battle and clad in the mightiest of chickeny armors!  Gaze down upon its tiny might and wonder.


Many do not realize the power of the chicken.  They are said to be related to the dinosaurs and if one visits Un'Goro one can see the true terror of those great lizards.  Chickens are the true inheritor of their might and wrath.  Did you know that a flock of chickens can skeletonize a cow in under a minute?  They simply choose not to, out of decorum.


Many a great hero has been laid low by a chicken.  I heard a tale of a brave warrior who entered a town and saved it from a dragon, but in his task he was uncautious and struck down a sacred chicken!  So enraged were the townsfolk with this miscreant that they rampaged forward, guards and all, to attack him for his sin!


Another story tells of a hero who would mercilessly inflict cruelty on damsel hens. Woe be unto him for upon hearing her cries of despair he himself was disapatched by an outraged horde of feathery judgement!


My greatest steed is also a mighty magical rooster.  Let me tell you that having such a beast between my legs has brought gasps forth from more than one on-looker.  I have also attempted to ride smaller chickens but they tend to flatten. Perhaps with two tied to each foot?  Hmm...  But I digress.


To quote a great hero 'at least I have chicken.'  Yes, brave Leroy, at least you have chicken.  At least we all have chicken."


 - Daned the Insane

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