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Trivia Contest Answers

Contestants of our Trivia Contest were asked to to answer 15 questions testing their knowledge of vanity pets and

  1. Which of the following pets is NOT associated with an achievement?
    1. Murky
    2. Sinister Squashling
    3. Scorchling
    4. Stinker
  2. How many pets were in-game (US/EU servers) when first launched in April 2007?
    1. 66
      True, the Internet archive shows 68, but their first snapshot was taken three days AFTER the site was launched. We added Lucky during that time. Plus the Blood Parrot is no longer considered a true vanity pet.
    2. 70
    3. 74
    4. 78
  3. From which of the following continents does the greatest number of pets originate?
    1. Eastern Kingdoms
    2. Kalimdor
    3. Outland
    4. Northrend
  4. Which of the following pets CANNOT fall in love with a player or another pet?
    1. Stinker
    2. Peddlefeet
    3. Mojo
    4. Spring Rabbit
  5. Which of the following was first used on the WarcraftPets homepage in place of the Hippogryph Hatchling?
    1. Emerald Whelpling
    2. Blood Parrot
    3. Breanni
    4. Sprite Darter Hatchling
      This was stated in a published interview with site creator Brian/Breanni. The Sprite Darter was removed prior to the site's official launch because it was Alliance-only back then and we thought it best to switch to something neutral.
  6. What was the original name of the crazy cat lady in Elwynn Forest?
    1. Donni Anthania
      A trick question — this NPC never had a different name.
    2. Eleanor Abernathi
    3. Eleanor Aburnath
    4. Donni Anastasia
  7. Which of the following companions do NOT count toward any pet-based achievements?
    1. Blood Parrot
    2. Coyote Spirit
    3. Hungry Netheray
    4. All of the above
  8. Which cat was originally called "Maine Coon" when WoW first shipped?
    1. Bombay
    2. Black Tabby
    3. Orange Tabby
    4. Silver Tabby
  9. Which of the following pets was available to WoW players in every country and region?
    1. Warbot
    2. Poley
    3. Vampiric Batling
    4. Lucky
  10. If El Guapo would say you have a plethora of pets, how many pets do you have?
    1. 10
    2. 15
    3. 25
      A "Three Amigos" reference based on the Plethora of Pets achievement.
    4. 50
  11. Which of the following pets remains stationary when its owner moves?
    1. Dragon Kite
    2. Tiny Snowman
    3. Sen'Jin Fetish
    4. Ghostly Skull
  12. Which of the following pet accessories is NOT sold by Breanni?
    1. Pet Biscuit
    2. Rope Leash
    3. Grooming Kit
    4. Fetch Ball
  13. What's the name of Breanni's pet shop in Dalaran?
    1. Dalaran Beastiary
    2. Wonderworks
    3. Magical Menagerie
    4. Pets 'R' Us
  14. According to WarcraftPets' Bottom 10 list, which of the following is the most disliked pet?
    1. Cockroach
      Our Bottom 10 list was our first April Fool's joke in 2008. It can be accessed through our news archives.
    2. Yellow Moth
    3. Brown Snake
    4. Wood Frog
  15. Which of the following pets cannot die while idling about?
    1. Zergling
    2. Murkimus
    3. Elwynn Lamb
    4. Rocket Chicken
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