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Today at 9:46am | Emerald Dream-US | Pets: 2 Compare collections | Score: 11

I have no idea why my account says I have 2 pets (ha ha ha ha...ooh), but I'm sure it'll work itself out.  At least I hope so.


I'm excited to see new pets, though, wild and otherwise!


In progress/waiting for: Perpetually on the hunt for my white whale, the Spineclaw Crab.  



* Spineclaw Crab


* Knockoff Blingtron

* Beakbert

* Mr. Crabs

Frosty and other CE pets

* Alliance pets that I don't have (preferably ones Horde characters can use!)

* Particularly looking for uncollected Island Expedition pets right now!

* Anything I don't have (seriously, anything) - I'm collecting them all!


~*~ Repetitive stuff (stats and recents, etc.) moved to bio. ~*~ 

Yesterday at 11:04pm | Black Dragonflight-US | Pets: 2 Compare collections | Score: 11

Rockin' and rollin' along on Safari achievements, but the phasing in Spires of Arak is annoying.  Nothing like landing and have a pet fade out before you to drive your frustration level into the red ;-)

Yesterday at 1:20pm | Staghelm-US | Pets: 1 Compare collections | Score: 5

Got buckets of level/upgrade stones ready for 8.2! Let's get these new pets YEET

2 days ago at 4:14pm | Moon Guard-US | Pets: 2 Compare collections | Score: 11

I don't care for battleing pets, so I wont have most of the battle rewards... they're just fun to collect.

3 days ago at 4:08pm | Dalaran-US | Pets: 949 Compare collections | Score: 4490

Onwards to Master of Minions! About 40 more pets to collect and Hearthy is mine!  Also almost finished with collecting BFA pets. About three or four more to go! Looking forward to finishing these achievements! :D

3 days ago at 1:58pm | Moon Guard-US | Pets: 966 Compare collections | Score: 5204

☆Recent Pets☆

I just came back to WoW after a year off. Been playing old content because I haven't upgraded to the new expansion. So AH is my best friend for the new pets. Got myself the Thunderscale Whelpling today and the Bloodstone Tunneler.


♡Some Side Goals♡

Running old content for the Transmog Achievements.

Working on my faction reputations as well.


Still waiting for...

The Headless Horseman to give up his mount: 9yrs - 3 toons, no mount.


◊Most Wanted◊

 Big Battle Bear TCG Mount - Saving gold for the day I find one on the AH.

6 days ago at 10:13am | Vek'nilash-US | Pets: 936 Compare collections | Score: 5266

I've been on a an extended hiatus due to lack of interest in the game, but I came back a few weeks ago. Sadly I missed Children's Week this year, but I plan on coming back stronger than ever next year. Been working on the last Raiding with Leashes achievement and tody that pesky Amber Globule finally dropped and I got Happiness :D


Working on:

Mount hunting

Island Expeditions 37/38



Recent Pets:


Amber Globule



Thank you Breanni from the bottom of my heart. <3

Jun 18, 2019 at 6:33am | Magtheridon-EU | Pets: 1018 Compare collections | Score: 5439

Month #6! Slightly belated, but hey, vacation was much needed. Up to 294 pets! Working my way through Draenor loremaster and pets; for Cata, I'm missing Twilight Highlands (I forgot to pick up the command board quest T_T) So I'll circle back on a different Alt to complete Cata! Besides that not much plans besides just leveling getting ready for RoA! I've pretty much abandoned my mains since BFA hasn't given me a bunch of incentive to gather mats or pets recently, so I'm hoping the new patch revitalizes everything for new content, for now old content has been great, despite the storytelling in draenor being... lackluster at best.

Jun 17, 2019 at 6:21pm | Wyrmrest Accord-US | Pets: 294 Compare collections | Score: 1403

I have fun Leveling characters and pets and collecting toys. I am on Huntdorf-Lothar, or Sinisterimp-Lothar or Bób-Lothar, or leveling alts.

Jun 17, 2019 at 6:02pm | Lothar-US | Pets: 959 Compare collections | Score: 5732

Everliving Spore just dropped on my weekly Wailing Caverns run of "oh well, may as well go get another young venomfang".  AT LAST.

Jun 15, 2019 at 5:38pm | Earthen Ring-US | Pets: 950 Compare collections | Score: 5014
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