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stuff...and things

2 days ago at 10:16pm | Thrall-US | Pets: 678 Compare collections | Score: 3877

As of late, pets haven't really been my focus as I've been working on a warrior that could very well become my new main. However, I broke the 1100 threshold about a week or two ago, and I'm very happy about that. :)

2 days ago at 6:38pm | Thorium Brotherhood-US | Pets: 1105 Compare collections | Score: 8837

Still catching

3 days ago at 3:46pm | Proudmoore-US | Pets: 1104 Compare collections | Score: 8648

Most recent pets acquired;

Shadowbarb Hatchling



Most Recent Mounts:

Snapback Scuttler 



Ironhoof Destroyer [Blackrock Foundry]

Felsteel Annihilator [Hellfire Citadel]


Kor'kron Juggernaut [Siege of Orgrimmar]


Junkheap Drifter [Mechagon]


Love Rocket - 3336 attempts


Still need:


Gryphon Hatchling

Race Minizep

Stunted Direhorn

Wind Rider Cub



I've been trying to whittle down the list of what I need in terms of pets and mounts.  There's plenty I need in terms of pets.  And I'm farming the mounts above plus the world boss ones [save the Galleon mount, I did manage to get that a couple months back]

4 days ago at 11:12pm | Azuremyst-US | Pets: 1186 Compare collections | Score: 9419

Current tracked achievements:

Legendary Pet Brawler progress: 1,460/5,000.

 Pet collection goals:

• Collect all pets (currently 1,245/1,267).

Pets recently acquired:

• Wailing Lasher

• Windfeather Chick

• Void-Scarred Rat

• Ra'kim

• Eye of Corruption

Ranked #1 on Mok'Nathal; #79 overall (#45 best). My wish list is hereRawr!

4 days ago at 3:01am | Mok'Nathal-US | Pets: 1245 Compare collections | Score: 9960

I may be behind on pets but I just hit Mount #450!  Where's the achievement, Blizz?  Someday I guess.


Did you know that more mounts and pets have been introduced in BfA than are available in all of the Vanilla, BC, Wrath AND Cata content COMBINED? 



4 days ago at 1:12am | Ysera-US | Pets: 1213 Compare collections | Score: 9529

Working on;

* Getting all eligible pets to level 25 - ✔944 atm

* Achievements as ever; zzz PvP zzz Archaeology

* Collecting skins and levelling heroes in Heroes of the Storm

* Alliance to do Honor on; eventually (realistically never) ^_^



Most recent pets acquired (1226 Unique)

* Void Scarred pretties



Latest Mount (503 unique including both factions and all classes);

* Squeakers



Happy Hunting & a huge thanks to everyone who's ever helped me with all my collecting!

6 days ago at 6:24am | Draenor-EU | Pets: 1226 Compare collections | Score: 9054

One more BRD run and I'll be done with the last pet dungeon. Woot! Still not getting any rare pet drops although I'm not camping them like other players. Too much stuff to do already.


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Feb 17, 2020 at 5:59pm | Dath'Remar-US | Pets: 1221 Compare collections | Score: 9676

Mechagon rare drops pets left to collect

Spraybot 0D, Armored Vaultbot, Echoing Oozeling

Blackrock Depths pet dungeon

Wailing Lasher

Feb 15, 2020 at 11:45am | Kul Tiras-EU | Pets: 1159 Compare collections | Score: 9261
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