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Username: Numbersoul  
Character: Tremis (H)
Realm & Rank: Shadow Council-us (#26)
Connected Rank: Shadow Council-us (#66)
Pets Collected: 392/1386
Pets Rated: 0/1418 — Appearance
0/1395 — Battle
Joined: September 09, 2012
Last Online: May 10, 2013
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Numbersoul Says: 

Finally got the pets off of Maexxna and Viscidus and completed Raiding with Leashes!  Looking forward to working on the Attunement Edition of this achievement.


If anyone wants to trade pets or go bone farming message me!  My battletag is sworddude#1861 (US Horde).

Posted Apr 12, 2013 at 10:58am

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About Numbersoul:

Hello, my name is Isaac and I play a goblin shaman named Tremis on Shadow Council!  I've been playing since 2008 and my shaman was my second character after leveling a nelf druid.  Tremis started out as a draenei and since then has been an orc, a dwarf, and finally a goblin.  I have tons of alts but most of my work has been put into my shaman.  I haven't been a competitive raider since Burning Crusade, rather spending my time working on profressions and collecting mounts, pets, titles, and achievements.  I started off just working on things that were interesting or hard to get, such as farming Twilight mobs in Silithus and Coilfang Armaments to get the Guardian of Cenarius title or spending an entire weekend fishing for the Sea Turtle mount.  Before pet battling came out I spent most of my time online camping and farming for mounts.  I got a handful of rare ones that I liked, and when MoP came out I was one of the hundreds of players who was riding around on the Raven Lord mount.


When pet battling came out I was really excited since I liked the idea of pet battling and having a good team would allow me to go out and collect pets I found throughout the world.  I really got into battling at first but hit roadblocks when I got my team into the teens and started fighting groups of wild pets.  I previously had played Pokemon and was used to being able to use one Pokemon to defeat trainer teams without getting knocked out so when I started encountering situations where my pets kept getting killed in battles with three wild pets I started getting discouraged since it seemed so difficult to level up my pets.  I pretty much stopped battling after that and went back to mount farming.



When 5.2 landed and the new zones came out I started farming for dino bones on the Isle of Giants and within the first week of 5.2 I had collected all of the Zandalari raptor pets.  Having these new adorable raptors plus seeing all the new pets in the Isle of Thunder rekindled the desire to get at least one team to 25 so using tips from Wowhead and this site I completely rebuilt my team and with a better grasp on mechanics started pet battling again.  I'm up to the Cata pet trainers, having one-shot Major Payne, and I want to keep going all the way to Aki and the Beasts of Fable!


tl;dr: i got sum pets what fite gud


My mount collection:

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