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Patch 9.0 PTR: Shadowlands Pre-Patch Pet

August 11, 2020
The PTR has been updated to Patch 9.0 and testing is underway. Collectors won't want to miss out on this upcoming content — there might be a battle pet tied to the limited-time event! [source]

Putrid Geist
A new pet was revealed as "prelaunch event", the Putrid Geist (pictured right).

It's still unknown how players will obtain this battle pet, but it will likely involve participating in the pre-patch in-game event. Currently, the pet is Bind On Pick Up but it can be caged.

We're heading closer and closer to Shadowlands, which means a likely visit to Northrend and the infamous Icecrown Citadel. It's the perfect time to collect more Undead pets, right? We're sure no one will miss a geist or two...
Posted by Quintessence
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